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colin MacEachern

Barack o mama its Obama

What is hope, hope is when you believe, but who or what do you believe in, me I believe in Barack Obama, and what does his name mean the first name means Blessed, the second Hussien means handsome one, the third according to what I found means that when they were born the leg’s were bent. So that means his name is blessed handsome one who had there leg bent.
What is change, change is when you make something different, this type of change is a new beginning of a blessed handsome man who has changed America or who we all “HOPE” will Barack Obama will change healthcare, the economy, and much more.America will have a deep impact on the world and possibly the galaxy lets all “HOPE” for “CHANGE” in this economic crisis and the environment.
So I hope that he will do it all “o mama it’s Obama

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