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alexander Peralta

Please Smile

Smile for me today,
It’s a beautiful and breezy afternoon.
The breeze if blowing, all the grass are dancing, why shouldn’t you.
I want you to smile for me.

I want to see that beautiful smile.
I want to see those cheeks of yours run red with joy.
I want to see u jump with glee.
Most of all I want to see you smile.

Why don’t you smile for me?
All I want is one smile.
One smile that can help me get through my days of despair and hate
Without your smile there is no meaning of life.

With every frown u make my heart begins to break down.
With every dropp of tear u make, the ocean I must drain.
Can’t u smile for me?
I must know, am I not good enough for that one smile?

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