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Zac Wittstruck

Refrained Persistence

The refrained persistence of the jackalope as he sneaks up on his prey
is quite obviously an allusive illusion set up by the colony of aristocratic
roaches who travel northbound at all times, no matter their geographical
location, and affects the dirt on which they all defecate quietly in an overly

neutral manner. The sadness of the situation is directed toward the masturbating
amoeba, who thinks entirely with her hands (and not her feet) , about whether
or not the weather will resist the flock of jumping beans placed strategically
to scatter the humanoids. The moral majority of pachyderms give their physical

consent to travel in numbers of herds unheard of, which creates anxiety among
bobcats and mountain goats alike, as they may wish to generate dismay within
the community of local elders. The spider eating emu then becomes ostracized
for his political beliefs and is forced to take shelter in shallowing magma.

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