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Wycliff Entreri

Is This Death?

Darkness deep from which you come
the harvest of my works thus sown
Pain, agony, suffering, Glorifying Worth
Such is the way with this war's birth

A covering tarp can not sheild from the torrent flood
Every dropp was like a rain of spears
The fires of the battlefield cover our world
Virgining power erupts to chaos, power spreads to another

Consumed by flame, holocaust explodes
Within the eye's fury, the battle draws our lust
A burning rage engulfs, The Sword's thrust for blood

I stand grasping this creaton, my weapon growing strong
After His rise I shall return but for now I sit brooding
The counter strike thus unnecary the return has come
My strength has gathered I fight again, have fully rallied my men.

'What happened? ' I gaze around

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