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Wesongah David

Was Battered, And Bruised

For the late jimmy

They said I was too slow,
Wondered when i'd learn,
Though they never taught me.
Said I was rude to matters of principle,
And read my elegy before my epilogue.
Battered my weary spirit - and will,
Tore my single soul into shreds,
All I managed was barely a whisper - Oh my God!
By my very own that i loved,
whose very blood flows red like venom,
in my dark withered veins,
Was left for the double edged streets,
Lessons in the offing-cruel to the Dogs,
But now I stand on my two legs,
Like I never dreamt before,
Radiating illuminating strength,
Bettered by the bruises of battering,
And shaped by the avengers of yester'morrow,

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