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Wayne Wickham

Purr-fect Awakening

This morning was odd, I'll agree with that,
For I woke up believing that I was a cat.
It began in the bathroom, I'll admit that's for sure,
When instead of a shower, I started licking my fur.
I said, 'Wait a minute! There must be a flaw! '
As I began scratching my head with a feline paw.
The shock that I felt when from my mouth flew
Not the words that I spoke, but 'Meow, meow' and 'Mew'.
So I tossed and I turned and I played with my tail
To try to wake myself up and make this dream fail.
But no matter how hard I pinched myself…OUCH!
All I could do was scratch my claws on the couch.
I'd chew on some catnip, and play with some yarn.
I'd drink milk from a dish, and chase mice in the barn.
I was furry and cute, and could sit in people's laps.
I would purr by the table and get the best scraps.
Then, one day, as I was purring and preening myself,
Who should appear before me but a stout little elf.
He said, 'I'm the one who made you a cat,
Because you wouldn't look good as a dog or a rat.'

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