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Vuyolwetu Sakwe

In My Little Heart

In my little heart
lies joy and happiness
but beneath lies pain and tears.
My little heart oughts to forgive you
but what lies beneath oughts to hate you.
My little heart stores great stunts of pain
but it starts to fade away with great amount of tears.
Even greater amounts of love
ought to be hatred but what lies beneath refuses!
Slowly my heart breaks away only because
of the pain you caused to my little heart.
As little as it is you caused it
amounts of pain so big and huge but my heart was only little'
I may try to avoid the pain i feel
I may try to deny the tears i release
I may try to elaborate the situation i am in
But my heart is becoming so little
because a piece falls out every day!
My broken heart is not a little heart
It has now become a tiny heart

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