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Vino Aina

The truth won't set you free

We all try to Sugar coat the truth but you and I know there can't be no juice in a pimple
people will say'The truth will set you free'
see the truth to be a dude and it stares you in the eye, watching you throw heavy loads of lie to its face without a form of grace
Like a man in pain, it's gonna fly into rage,
irritated at this height of disgrace, it could spit one into a cage, letting it rain till water sinks into the liar's brain
'The truth will set you free' yet people say again
The letters still remain unchanged and now I am starting to feel people just use this quote in vain
Not the truth and not the constitution is gonna set us free
look at judges....don't you think they slam the hammer of justice too often
If d truth would set us free then the word jail would have never came
we all can choose to tell the truth but then what will the cops have to investigate
cos whether you confess or you are being confessed, telling the truth, or choosing to lie will partially make your social life die.

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