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Villie Beebs

Ode to have big titties

Ode to have big titties
Instead of these itty, itty, bitties
I would be able to retire, from CEO of the committee
And no more rubber bands, would I have to wear
And when the toilet paper fell out, no one would stare
The men wouldn't run, when the lights came on
They'd know I was a girl and not a lil boy went wrong
Ya see all my problems, they would be solved
For myself, my boyfriend, and all other parties involved

Ode to have big titties
I wouldn't have to try so hard to be witty
I can make demands and act all bitchy
I would be the center of the dance floor
And I could dropp it like it was hot
Oh if I only had more, than what I currently got
HOOTERS here I come, why I could interview just for fun
Or how about Playboy I would be the best one
Perhaps Mrs.December all dressed up in a christmas suit
I would pose chest poked out, in my thigh high boots

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