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Victoria Shoemaker

Hearts On Fire

my heart races as the fire grows
until there is no way out
you can smell the burning flesh
as you just simply watch on your television
as you wonder if your best friend made it out alive
you go to school telling yourself that nothing was happening
but when you arrive, people are shouting all over school about it
it pains you inside not knowing if she is dead or alive
you race to the burning house
praying to God that they are all okay
you get there, and only two out of four made it out
you sigh heavily that your best friend and her mother are okay as far as health goes
but their hearts are heavy with the loss of the house and the other two family members that did not make it out
we all gather to mourn the loss of your best firend's grandparents

Rest In Peace Grandpa and Grandma Burrus

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