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Victor Okey Nwatu

I'm at It Again-2

If there’s anything I’ve missed a lot;
It’s mostly one thing – being me.
To stare at the stars, I’ve missed a lot.
Same with being at peace with the calm sea.

I’ve missed my usual melancholic solo ride;
And the its fruit of labour, many a rhyme.
I’ve lost all my creative, poetic pride.
No thanks to that singular element, time.

Pardon my cliché, had to make both ends meet,
Had to 9-to-5 daily like a cop on his beat.
For my daily bread, I toiled total tenacity.
After all, that’s why I left the village, for the city.

But with it came a cycle, in nature, vicious
Dried up the drive that has once been luscious;
It was wake up, sleep, wake up, toil, eat, sleep.
And my boss was my alarm – it’s maniacal beep.

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