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Vicky Whitt

Never Should Have Trusted Him

watching from my window looking through the rain
i see him hitting and beating her. i really want to do something but i know i cant
i try blocking my ears and closing my eyes it hurts to much to here her and watch her be in pain
if he keeps this up i know she wont be here long
i hated i ever trusted him! everything i ever did wasted and gone!
i look at him, screaming and crying yelling over and over i hate you dad!
i wipe a tear from my eye i hate it that he’s doing this to mom! its really hurts inside, and makes me really mad!
mommy never did anything to you i scream
i cant take anymore so i curl into the back of the room, closing my eyes wishing this will be nothing but a dream
as i rock back and forth i think over and over what mommy could of done to make daddy this way
i scream as loud as possible i hate this day
then i look out the window and I'm so shocked to see daddy with that gun
its not a toy one me and him use to play with and have fun
he’s pointing it at mommy she doesn’t know what to do i look at her and can tell she has no clue
i think to my self yelling over and over what can i do
i get an idea and run into the rain
mommy’s always telling me to be a man not a boy so i stand there ready to take this pain
i see him getting ready to shoot and run in front of her i fall to the ground as the bullet goes in me
there both shocked not knowing what to do he cant believe he really did this i here him over my screams say” how could this be'
i look up at them taking my last few breaths of life

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