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VaRuN JaIn

yOu gOt eVeRy rEaSoN tO hAtE mE! ! ! !

U have got every reason to hate me...
u must open ur eyes n thn u will to see
hate me for the way i have talked
the way i irritated u when i laughed
i had been the reason to bring u those tear
i wasnt thr fr u whenever u felt fear

hate for the way i made u cry
for those moments when i tried to lie
hate me for the time i was not around
hate me for making those wired sound
hate me for the way i had predicted u
wht happened between us was nthing new

hate me for the way wht i made u feel
I m not the person who brings u zeal
hate me for my being so bad
without any fault i made u feel sad
hate me for being so selfish at time
the way i way i put the phone whn u said fault was mine

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