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Tisha Tamisha Campbell

My Earthly Angel

No! not a piece of clay or a story book tellin u about the heavenly days, No! not a dream or a mythical scheme my angel is everything u wouldn't believe. His words speak volumes of wisdom for us al to hear and lowers the corruption so we hav nothing to fear, in times of trouble he's always rite there my angel my earthly angel. He does'nt have an halo, he does'nt hav wings, he does'nt shine like the sun or speak like the holy son but he is surely an angel sent from up above.his hands were like wings that raised u wen were down n lifted u so u can c al that u have done, like a sheild that never shifts, like a gentle hug in a cold angel my earthly angel. No! Its not a myth angels do exist. On the verge of breaking down he was the one I could call on, he held me up n let me stand, he was the one who always understands my angel my earthly angel

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