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Timothy Robledo

A message to my love

What is the meaning of love 
Love is not some made up word that hallmark has come up with
Love is not just a 4 letter word that is used to make everything better 
Love is a bond 
Love is full of pain and heart ache 
Love is something that comes from no where yet stays for a lifetime love is an unseen friend that warms your heart when everything seems to be going so wrong love is something that is always with you even when no1 is there to say it love can bring 2 ppl together love can push 2 ppl apart love is what u make of it love is happy full of joy full of fear full of life love is well love, love is just a 4 letter word to some but to me love is knowing u can always count on someone to be there even when they are not around, love is the memories that we share even after they are no longer there, love to me is just knowing you are ok even when u show me u don't care, love to me is what it is a bond that we will always share long after it seems to not be there u will always have a spot in my heart love. 

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