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Thaddeus Dugan

The Criminal Justice Empire

A criminal justice empire
The democracy
Sequestered in its desire
To prosecute
An entity created by the people for whom against it conspires
Assiduously to practice penal incarceration
Attempting to liberate society with a confined emancipation
Unchecked witnesses with run over stories credibility chases
Become overwrought statements, contests to convict, ficticuous races
By citizen servants who have no policing in their places
Overworked inductee's overseeing mundane cases
Never looking into assumed sinister faces
Practicing shade tree justice
Charging outraguous charges yet swearing by god amongst us
The infallible unworried about whats right only wrong
About conviction percentages, the list of plea bargains, how long
When will their be an upright godsend
Who will possess the prudence to facilitate an end
To impoverished overreliance on unpaid defences
Who negotiate cases on picnics behind opposing fences

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