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Terence Nabbs

The Concrete Jungle

The beast roams the concrete jungle and trails of tarmac laid,
To prey on helpless victims that a deprived society raised.
Not for food to feed it’s young, who’s bellies empty are,
But for video’s and tellys or someone else’s car.
He stalks the night like cowards do
and with it’s blanket evil he doth strew,
He shies away from any light and surveys the concrete jungle.
We must keep our children young and sweet,
from the animals that roam our streets.
No more to roam our country side or local parks where evil hides,
No more our doors to open wide the welcome mat’s all locked inside.
Locked and bolted turn that key.
“FREE” no isolations me.
When authority apprehend do gooders him on holiday send,
Problem solved a miracle cure, for the beast that we call

t f nabbs

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