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Tequia Taylor

Cry of the Ghetto

The baby cries
As a bullet comes through the window
As the father slowly dies
Whiile the mother doesn't react
Cause she sits in the chair inserting a needle in her vein
While the baby slowly cries, though stregnth he gain
Outside the window a lady yells and screams
Cause a gang just rode by and shot her son Naseem
Blood is flowing is flowing everywhere, no phone in sight
she praying to the the lord that her son won't die this night
as she rock her son rapidly crying
saying to herself' I can't believe my son is dying'
'Hold on baby', slowly she repeats
he slowly closes his eyes and say' Mom in heaven we'll meet'
while down the street on the corner boys shoot dice
It's the wrong thing but as lyfe song it 'must b nice'
5yrs later no one was visible to reply
which concludes to why this particular ghetto cry.

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