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Tebogo Errol Hlahla

Power To Me

Power to me
As I claim my people’s history
Black week I declare
As I stand under the Mopani tree
My people are free
But their minds are chained
Stained memories of freedom less days sustained
In the deep realms of their long lasting sorrow
For their systematic suffering was cold, like lady liberty with no clothes
What a travesty
Hold steady my people for with this newfound power, I am ready
To unleash your mental power, that has been lying dormant for many centuries
So, enter my name in the annals of history
As I precipitate this redemption
For like most redeemers
My time has come to deliver
I’ve been cast forth from the highest precipe
And I possess power like fireballs that destroyed Sodom and Gomorra
I spit forth such prophetic and truthful awakenings
My people follow as sure as the full stop at this sentence.

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