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Taunya Benns

My Pledge of Allegiance

We Pledge allegiance to a Flag, symbolizing liberty and justice for all~Proclaiming one nation under God, yet we help other countries fall.

With power and weapons for justice we sing~while death, pain, and sorry is all that we bring. To the republic for which it stands~this Flag should fly high in many lands.

A mask created using Gods name, I look at our country and sometime feel shame. Liberty and justice for all we do say, while war is our solution we kill everyday.

We send our children to war seeking global democracy~In Gods name, we do say this should not be. Nationwide cries, screams for Mercy, who has the power? The land of the FREE!

Is this justice I ask, that we are fighting for, or legalized slavery forever more.

We pledge our allegiance to a flag, symbolizing liberty and justice for all~One Nation for which it stands should include all countries big and small.

As you wave your flag with a gun in your hand~the pledge I shall make is to the creator of this land. I pledge my allegiance to God up above; and pray that someday your Pledge will mean love.

*I know at times war is necessary; however It still hurts my heart to see so much sadness, pain, destruction, and violence! It is time for change...Many blessing and prayers for all of our soldiers, and their families.

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Where I'm In FAITH!

Within a place that creates completeness in oneself,
a place that needs no obstacles,
a place that needs positive reaction,
negative resolution, and stressful elimination:
powers within oneself to have faith
in the faith G-d has for me.
Seeking a miracle is a waste of my time
for the miracles that come to my life
are truly the miracles of creation,
creation of a strong black woman
who can make all things happen,
who can provide for her family,
who can live without the idea of dying
due to destruction seen before her.
I am a miracle in itself as are you,
our faith in ourselves will benefit us
more than the faith we have in what can be done by prayer;
having faith in what we can do to make our prayers reality,
many of our questions have answers,
having faith, and the courage to know the answers are a given,

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