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Stephanie Pozzie

A Crash In The Night

Waking up at night to the sound of panic in my mother's voice.
She's says stuff to herself, something about her car, and then I hear the door open and close.
I lay in bed silent as the night, thinking of what happened.
I then hear the sound of police and ambulance vehicles.
I get up to go to the blinds and see the orange-reddish flames eat the back of a SUV.
I go downstairs with my brother deciding whether or not if we should go outside.
Then my mother comes in and we all go outside into the cold.
We go to a corner and watch, there's nothing we can do.
They pull three men from the other car; they crashed into my mother's car.
Everyone around is asking what happened.
I think to myself that car is gone.
How will we get another one?


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