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Shokat Habib

Venom Void

venom of rejected has polluted and poisoned
manufactured lies where no smoke nor fire thrive
but not the heart of truthful soul the sacred seat
venomous mind slithered silently darkly on
devastating and destroying and swallowing
the harvest of the highest triumph to zilch
hollow empty hearts spreads its heart and wings
to capture more dark minds inito dark shadows
man is lost in a wasteland of firey warm flesh
of nothing in a nothing world of dust void
dark parasites of morals and fun pleasure
who shunned the light and conscience voice
for seconds of joy and damnation to life void
alas had the heart not wandered twinned
if the desires were caged and disciplined
if the mind had not lost its reason in sweetness
in the void of all voids sorrow would not sit
a lost sheep disappearing in darkness devastated
beseeching for redemption but non hears
venomous words burn now and etched forever

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