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Shea Arender

Ocean Existence

-Stormy nights rain actively among my hidden shadows
-Periods of Evil sink the blood flowing to my brain

Are my heart and soul all of the same?
Does the beauty of the sea rest in my unconscious?
Or is the mist from the ocean drowning me?

I explore beyond the fall of the night
For this moment, I can feel the wind from the ocean

I’m blind by the darkness, sightless, for I cannot see.

Waves of wickedness crash into me, for I can only
feel the tranquility dwelling in this ocean journey dream

The discovery of love, for what I never knew, the rush, the emotion that sets a permanent stay into the ocean air I breathe.

Unable to recognize the realness of my creation, for as I journey throughout inhuman absence. Peace will connect eternity that is forever in my existence

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