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Shashank Shekhar Roy

I am a soldier

(explanation - This about a soldier who has gone through all walks of life, faced it all..carried burdens...its left him so shallow that he likes d feeling of it..being emotionless....considering himself a machine...people respect him....everyone likes it.its what he wants us to be like 'a soldier'....carry on with life as if nothing has happened....u cannot say that u have suffered d most when u cont even compare your hardships with others, ....
its the total feeling of overcoming u won a battle)

I love the pain of a wound
I love the pain of a bullet in me
I live with an anger in me
I am a soldier and I love this feeling in me

I walk on streets with respect
with a motive to make it perfect
perfect for any threat
perfect for any kind of death
I can face death million times
so tat families can safely dine
I am a soldier and I love this feeling in me

lost a leg because I stepped on a landmine
just to see kids smiling across the borderline
I have no regrets being a soldier
can take much more on my shoulder

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