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Shala Drake

Winter is coming............

Children awaken me in the early light;
'Winter is coming' they shout in unison
'The leaves have danced off the limbs and the the trees are going to sleep, Mama.' says one.
'Winter is coming' claps two and three as they parade around on my bed
'Hot chocolate' screamed one
'with marshmallows' yelled two
'I will pop the popcorn' states three
'Winter is coming, Mama, we had our first frost. I thought it was dew, but it crunched under my feet.' says one with bright open eyes and cold feet on my toasty legs.
'Winter is coming, Mama, no more mosquitoes to bite us when we play.' cried two in excitement
'Winter is coming, Mom, I better go out and chop some wood for the family.' states nostalgic three
pull the covers closer
Sleepy answers
'Oh good, Winter is coming. I can crochet you a new scarf.' pointing to one
'I can make you a new doll' pointing to two
'And for you' beaming at three, 'I will bake some fresh bread for you my darling'
Hugs all around

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