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Sarah Selinger

My Nightmare of 2004

i look at my house once lived
trying to hold back my decending teas
i look where i once lived
i promise you home i will never forget the memories here

i stand there watching the flames and smoke rolling up into the sky
i stand scared and crying

why did this happen twice, they try to hold me back as i run towards the house, as the house started to curmble all you could see was smoke and flames, my moms face there scared
not again god please
my whole family split up again
as i stood there in what was left all i could do is cry.

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Are you proud yet?

i made it many miles without you i can make it farther i know i can
you never taught me how to ride a bike but i know how
you never helped me with my homework but i got A's
you never there to give me advice but i handled it without you
im tired of trying to make you proud, im about to give up its hard to never hear you say it
when i lost my bestfriend over a stupid gun you werent there to be my rock i made it without you are you proud yet?
im strong like mom im more like here everyday im proud of that she has been my rock, when i do something little she says she is proud
i made it thur middle school without you barely there i realized mom was right im glad im not like you
started high school your still not there physically yes but mentally you could careless, are you proud i know mom is
im turning 18 and going to graduate, are you proud yet, no you told me you didnt want to see me graduate, am i ever gonna hear you say it.
maybe not but i know one thing you have taught me is not to be like you, im like mom
i got pubished in a book, are you proud no you said you could careless, how can you be so heartless.
I let go of many things youve done, said and you promised maybe that wasnt a smart idea but ill learn so are you proud yet.
honestly i keep thinking im never gonna be your perfect kid, i dont care because mom made me the women i am and made me not like you, im strong are you proud yet?
After all is said and done i know mom is proud i made it this far without you, proud yet i know i am!

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