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Samphors Vuth

I Miss My Mom

Mommy I miss you
Mommy I love you
Mommy you are everything for me
You are my best mom
You are my best friend
You are helping me more than I had seen
You always miss and care about me all the time
When every time I miss you
Sometime I cry
Sometime I feel like I want to die without you
Well, if someone read this they will think that I'm a weirdo
Because I act like a little kid that cry over a yo-yo
Yes. I agree I am if you give your love to other kid and not me
And yes. I am a jealous type of girl about my mom
Every year for mother day
I saw a lot of people buy gift for their mom with a smile on their face
But my eyes are watering and crying
I get jealous
I wish that my mom will be with me
I always think that if other people get sad or happy

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