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Sada Ndongo


As an angel of death and doom, I come raining down ash.
Incessant, pained and bewildered, whines escape into the air as they smolder under my ash.

Fury unbound and yet they are bereft of fear for they do not know the fury heaven hath.
I cannot expound upon what is already ingrained into their nature, my wish is that they know the pity heaven hath.

Reminding them of their mortality, I breathe words they'd never imagined to be said.
From the many holy books read are the same voluminous words said.

Sadder and sadder the sight becomes, I have not the patience.
Awed that their time has come the impious find no peace, while the holy wait in patience.

Hoarding their stained gold the greedy bleed their riches.
In turn they do not let the foul hands of a lower class of men stain these riches.

Hungry, lonely, and shocked you will taste this reality with all of your being.
A friend is what you crave, something filling, well partake in the company of this fiendish being.

Departed to oblivion, in the thralls of devastation many loved ones are lost.
Transcending these physical bonds the soul is not lost.

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