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SJ. Sharkey

X & X

Simon and Garfunkel lie in “the sound of silence”.
Mrs Robinson cracks no whip; she left with The Graduate.
They don’t hear it. They don’t feel it. They lie.
I hear it.
I looked out of Emerald City’s windows and I saw it;
My feeling reflecting in eyes, unblinking.
Look, tongue-tied and with shaking hands, see how
I promised the stars I’d bleed for you.
I bleed internally. I bleed in circles.
I hear it.
A rushing. It’s rushing through me.
Through my veins, pulsating in my neck, pounding in my ears.
Repeat. Repeat.
I hear it.
Governing my thoughts, filling my head, heart, head.
It is urgent, and compelling. It is dominating, dominating me.
A dominatrix in a matrix of emotions.
Red pill, blue pill,
Which pill, take a pill.
Take a breather. Exhale.

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