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Rubin Nanda

Mercury Heartland

See the white fog descend upon twilight hours,
like falcon spread its wings to eclipse the Sun,
Hear the flood whisper under the cover of night,
drowning us all, in a macabre ablution.
Shapes and shades of my deformed soul
knock on your benevolent heart, a tune I pursue,
As each of my knock fades, decibel by decibel,
Who then, do you sing your song to?

Tenants of my mind have long vacated the space
I bid them farewell in their solitary ride
I watched them transcend through the vortex,
unable to accept the end had arrived.
A farewell kiss I wish on my lips
and dream of rainbow and scenic landscape.
Where we both lay spent, weary amongst the tulips,
witness to the strength of our limbs escape.

The chain to which I am tied goes round in a circle
like the golden bangle that adorns your hand

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