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Robert Mahoney

The Only Beast Out Here Is You

You throw on the floor what you don't need anymore
And toss them like a stone, never mind the broken bones.
Justify the senseless death with a false sense of accomplishment,
You found a way to turn blood gold, murder’s always best served cold

You’re sick, twisted, depraved
With your clever word games,
They’re just like us, but not enough
That’s how you justify the tests
That’s how you justify the deaths
Say they’re all just mindless beasts
But you don’t see the irony
Face it cuz you know it’s true
The only beast out here is you

It’s simplified design, no hidden message in the rhyme
Lead them to the slaughter, spill their blood upon the altar
Take the lives that can’t defend, and break the ones you cannot bend
You found a way to get rich off this, bleed them dry to make a profit

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