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Reginald Green

When The River Cries

The river cries! The river cries! the river cries!
Dastardly, dastardly, dastardly crimes
'gainst humanity in society, down corridor of time
Barons, tycoons, slave owners, tyrants gourge, gourge
Plunder, plunder, plunder for more, more
Millions, millions, millions, men, women
Boys, girls, babies, pine die
When the river cries.
Wars, disease, hunger, famine, hordes of flies
Malaria, cholera, dysentery, sunken eyes
Behold, behold, behold, you skeletals, skeletals
What travesty, what barbarity, what monstrosity
Down, down, down in economic valley
Give me milk, give me milk, give me milk
When the river cries.

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