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Rayni Black

I am WHATEVER i say i AM

I am crazy on the inside
I wonder why no one understands the things I say,
I hear the voices in my head even in the middle of the day.
I see illusions that no one else can see,
I want to be in a place where no one else can be,
I am crazy on the inside

I pretend to like people I really don’t,
I feel such love for me even though I know you won’t,
I touch the lives of a lot of people,
I worry that i'm only digging my grave deeper,
I cry when I see myself trying to hide,
I am crazy on the inside

I understand you can’t always choose the shoes you walk in,
I say forget everybody else, even the one you’re secretly stalking,
I dream that I can help all the people like me.,
I try to pull my life back together but it’s been ripped at the seems,
I hope somehow, someday I can show you why,
I am crazy on the inside

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