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Rama Muthukrishnan

To My dear MOTHER.

AN Ode to My Mother
Days of uneaten food, unclosed eyelid,
Months that weighed heavily your mid,
Hours you spent labouring for breath,
Moments of unbearable pain that brought me to earth,
Can I ever repay you for giving me birth?

Months you spent teaching me to eat,
Guiding me lovingly to stand on my feet,
Beauteous smile lit your lovely face,
On my small triumphs in early days.
The pain in your eyes and unshed tears,
Echoed my trials and untold fears.
Your comforting hands embraced me night and day,
To alleviate my pains and keep my worries at bay.
Boundless love, You shower, even today,
Mother, how, oh, how will I ever repay?

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