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Phillip Seymore

Wrong Side Step

art of deception
loss of identity loss of detection
under the worlds scope of inspection
classified as a C section
ripping out my brains intestines for my cerebral cortex to reach vortex to give poor checks
for they earn as much as the boss lets
so soon as opportunity becks, he flex
seeing a woman in debt
with a son an father that have not yet met
surviving off Chex living from check to check
and bets he can fix it all wit a check
in compensation for neck
with no head on on her shoulders she lets
wasnt hesitant to reject
not concentrating on future regrets
closing the memory out of her mind and moving on to the next
inhaling drugs into the chest to bench press the stress into something less
without a second guess letting the world get the best
living with a cancerous vest eating at her soul as it lays on top of her chest
putting her incline in regress

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