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Parthaproteem Roy

The Facets of Love

In a winter afternoon, sitting in the last row,
A couple was enjoying their bus ride.
Adoring the pendants of different beliefs,
They seemed to have no qualm with that.
Busy in cajole, while sharing a cake.
Like the different tones harmonize a song.
And like the sunlight disperses into a rainbow.
Despite all these differences, Love synchronizes them all.

In a maternity ward, she was laying and crying with pain.
He was worried but did not show it in his face.
Holding her arm, as he smiled at her,
She grasped his finger and panted a lot in fear.
Kissing her temple, he whispered that all would be well.
Like a train of camels walk together in a desert storm
And like the parched peacock dances before the rain.
Despite all the aches, Love heals them all.

In a room alone he hid himself out of fear.
As the last exam did not go well enough,

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