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Pamela O. Rucker

Together Forever Again

That exciting moment was finally here, we didn't have to wait any more
It's a girl I heard the doctor say, the joy in my heart cannot be described
We held each other close as we cried with joy till we realized it was quiet
As we turned to look at the doctors they were looking at us in a sad way
I'm sorry to tell you this but your daughter has a few problems in her body
She probably won't live to be but a few days old if she makes it that long
I'm so sorry, but you can hold her for as long as you would like to for now
They said she didn't have any eyes and she would never be able to see
She didn't have a brain so her body wouldn't be able to function properly
These were only a few of the problems that my daughter was born with
We only had the joy of having her in our life for about one month
Then the Lord took her home so that he could make her whole
I can't wait until the day when I see the miracles that were performed
And I'll feel that joy all over again just like the day that she was born
But this time we'll be together forever in eternity never to face any tears

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