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Pam Eszpnal

October Rust

I tremble in agony as I walk on Autumn’s leaves.
I touch the sound of it crumbling on the ground.
October, being its very own, passes by me without being known.
As I stand near the edge, I’m thinking of rolling down these hills.
I listen to the leaves break off branches and watch the dawn rain of seeds.
Orange, brown, red, and gold filling in the silence.
Trees rusting leaves off of its broken down walls.
The wind whispers to me of October’s Rust.
So it must be November, because this poem does not cover all the elements of October.
I’m running out of time as I put this pen on this paper.
And the very graveyard I’m walking on sings me a melody of a great song.
A song so great, it teaches me words of wisdom, for heaven’s sake.
67 crows fly right by me, as I pay attention to them by listening with my eyes and seeing with my ears.
I miss October’s Rust.
But November brings me a time of love without rusting itself onto oranges, browns, reds, and golds.

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