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Ortiz Antwi

The African Mother

Who battles with sleep when her child is sick?
Her surveillance around him alone is a cure
Who knows the meanings to her child's actions?
Who understands the heartbeats of her children?
She feels it in her abdomen when her child is hurt
Who fathoms out the daunting of her child
She pacifies the anger of her with just the insertion of her nipple in his mouth
It is you the African mother
You make your wards have confidence in you
Every child calls to his mothers name when he is not comfortable
Who is the child that cries with the father's name?
Which child threaten to tell what has happened to his father
Every child confines in you why because your love never wanes
Your love so pure like crystal
Your sagacity surpasses all women
You never join the dance of the world who thinks everything is fatalistic
You are never fortified by the ignominious traits of your children
In tattered penury you cater for your children
Through thick and thin you struggle to feed your home
Your utmost priority is to set food on the table

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