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Omar Tahir

I'm Sorry Carly

Im sorry we met on MSN,
Im sorry i hated my name and made you call me Sen.

Im sorry that we were so young, im sorry i never sung.
Im sorry i was'nt there to show you how much i really care, im sorry i made you cry and made things harder to bare.

Im sorry for all those stupid things i could'nt tell you and had to lie,
Im sorry it was tazzo and not me who had to die.
Im sorry i was horrendously shy, im sorry i wish i knew why.

Im sorry i called you too many times, im sorry for those stupid whines.
Im sorry mum was such a b*tch, im sorry she didnt leave me in a ditch.
Im sorry you wont be coming to stay at my house, im sorry our love had to be kept as quiet at a mouse.

Im sorry i think of you so much, im sorry we'll never get a seccond touch.
Im sorry i wish i had more money, id buy us a house and we'd be together in harmony.
Im sorry i want to throw away my life, im sorry because you wont be my wife.
Im sorry we wont have a kid, im sorry i was such a flid.

Im sorry im still such a dreamer, im sorry i cudnt be meaner.

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