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Olga Mishkin


He night shades are lowering;
The sun in the heavens, like a king in all his glory
Adorned in dazzling raiment which reflects its colors in the mirrored skies,
Slowly and majestically bows himself away from off the earth,
Leaving the world to encroaching darkness;
To the mysteries of night.

And I?--I am afraid;
My heart trembles and sinks with fear and expectation of what awaits me;
In my brain there is confusion
And my thoughts run wildly, beating against my throbbing temples--
Shrieking their mockery and derision as I gaze after the last rays of light,
Seeking protection and solace in the dying day.

How I long to weep--Yet am I not happy?
How I could dance and laugh and scream with mad joy:
But a mournful sadness steals over my heart and I shiver with cold;
Something--something is ebbing away from within me.
The minutes are fleeing fast,
And soon--I shall lie in the warm embrace of my Love.

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