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Ojaswi Kaushal

Every Moment I Live With You

Every moment i live with an eternal flame that adorns my soul with ineffable bliss, The apex enchantment for a mortal man.

Every moment I hear rhapsodic undulations of her omnipotent voice. infallible arrows of her emphatic prattle pierce my soul millions of time. Her subtle voice still dwells deep down I swear.

Every moment i perceive her aesthetic face
resplendent with mesmerizing eyes that endure profoundly compassionate innocence and luscious lips proliferating an inscrutable simile.

Every moment I sleep with her voluptuous presence embraced in my virile arms and I keep caressing tresses of her ravishingly titillating hair until I fall asleep.

Every moment I try to nab a glimpse of her nubile palms, in each fold and line of which was written every aspect of someone's destiny.

Every moment I scold myself for making same mistakes again and again and Every time I find myself helpless against the majestic prowess of her interminable benevolent influence. Her divine trance still enthralls my immortal soul.

Every moment I keep writing poems for her. But every time I condemn the almighty that made me so un expressive.but the next moment I felicitate the almighty as with the grace of whom Every moment The Eternal Flame Enlightens my abode.

And every moment I live with you.

[ Ojaswi Kaushal ]

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