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Oduetse Gabonnwe

Activism against child and women abuse

It’s been going on for a while
Women experiencing abuse from men
And kept quite about it coz of fear
It’s time for women to come out of the closet
And let your voice be heard
They say problem shared is problem halved
But now it’s gonna be problem shared is problem solved

It’s time to take a stand against women and child abuse
Coz abuse and humiliation of women and children is not supposed to be happening
We need to love and respect (our) women and children

I hardly express my appreciation for a woman
How do I start to thank you for contribution you made in my life?
Because of you, I know how to respect a woman
Because of you, (I know that) I have a happy home

I can easily smile when I look at you
Coz of the way you raised me
I am very thankful to have you in my life

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