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Nyrical Poet

Candy Coated Dream

Such bitter sweetness falls within a candy coated dream
the place where hope extends beyond the sugar coated scheme
as we dance and dance, around the candy cane sticks
Prancing hand in hand, as we come to one we both lick
Love blooms as we meet in a kiss, like in Lady and the Tramp
Our candy kingdom ruled by two, as the umpa lumpa's dance
We walk through the land, and gaze forever into each other's eyes
And then climb the steps to ride down the milk chocalatey slide
Landing in a pool of such wonderfully pure sweetness
We embrace in a hug, that like the chocolate, is made of pure greatness
As I watch you get out of the pool covered in chocolate like a 100 Grand
Looking like my favorite candy, which melts in my mouth, not in my hand
We laid together on the ground like a twizler all rolled up in one
Both nibbling at each other, until our hearts both became undone
Forever to this day I will declare you my lollipop queen
Such beautiful sweetness falls inside a candy coated dream

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