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NurViktoria Ellen

Mother Nature Steals

It’s front page news: Mother Nature steals
sand by the lorry-load from a Cornish beach:
Tons of the golden quartz are carried off
each year by the delinquent sea.
Dark undercurrents and unruly tides
with storms and freak waves vandalize
the coastline and demolish concrete walls
gratuitously. Surely, there must be a law
to stop the unkempt waters, to prevent
this savage onslaught of the elements!
While sand disappears, exposing ugly rocks,
Steadily the flow of tourists drops.
Unperturbed, the Atlantic gnaws away
At the cliffs around Mount’s Bay,
changing the appearance of
our favourite Beauty Spots,
eroding roads, hindering motorists,
this is bad for business!
We won’t have it, we fight back
keeping Nature well in check.

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