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Monique Palomares

Were Is My Dad

i have no dad.
were is my dad.
mom said he was gone.
were to he left us with nothing.
we made my life so hard.
mom got married and know what do i do.
he left me and my brother.
why did he do this to me.
mom told us that dad didnt live that mom left i felt so achame.
mom was lieing all this long why i ask her.
she didnt want us to get hert will its even harder in are lifes.
mom is marries had two other children.
her husband thinks that were rude when he is rude to us.
next year when it was x-mas he said i been here for you guys for so long and i take you in as my own children.
one tear dropp next one it made a puddle next thing you know are
life is perfect.
i wounder why hadnt my dad called mom said you wait and wait tell he calls but know look at it this way he will never call.

i feel so alone dont know what to do my dad is not true to you so what do i do.
just live my life and learn what its like to live with out a father.

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