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Monica Partridge

Greed be the Ruler?

Do we really want our greed to be the ruler of our life
when all we get for our effort is agony and strife?
We keep chasing after dollars each and every day
but if it's really worth the time is very hard to say.

The need for ever bigger things has taken a firm hold
but treasures in our heart are worth far more than gold
instead we stress and run around like rats within a cage
we work ourselves into the ground and end up in a rage.

We live with tunnel vision having just one goal in mind
to use our hard earned dollars and buy all we can find.
With a big promotion and more money greed will grow
we want more material wealth that we can put on show.

This is the world we live in if we shut our spirit out
we'll never cherish what we have of that there is no doubt
but if we put aside our greed to see how we are blessed
we'll recognise that we have always had the very best.

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