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Monalisa Biswas

The Melancholic Silence

It's night - darkest than ever
reigned by silence - a dreadful silence
Extending till the far horizon...
is the silence forecasting the impending calamity
That's going to befall upon the entire humanity?
Is the silence forecasting the eternal despair
As we are heading towards a murky future?
For the world's changed...
Changed are its views...
Regarding Love, kindness and all human values...
In return of love. one receives hatred...
The innocent & the weak are the ones to be exploited.
It's night... reigned by silence- a dreadful silence
It's not the peace giving silence
That inspires the poets and sages
This silence seems to take vengeance
From the selfish mortals
The silence is strange- full of agony
Is it an alarm of our fearful destiny?

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