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Moez Meftah

Wear a Bra…

'Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow,
He who would search for pearls must dive below, '

Wear a Bra…

He took a Royal fag, lit it with a match and whiffed twice,
'Look, ' he said in jest, 'wear a bra if need be, or stockings,
Breast your shirt with a read badge* like Imams nowadays.'
'Look, ' he rejoined flinging the butt outside- that's nice! -

'Last night I talked to a big antenna of Fatimites Uskut yard, *
And drunk a lot of bad stuffs with a batch of private eyes,
What's in that if you are under siege, in the middle of a siege,
And to get out, roll the ball and break the wall of chilly ice, '

He went on, 'more than that, you get to know your enemies;
You learn better how to teach, before you leap think thrice.'
Then he grasped another fag with a tone of don't you? - tag
And waved at two blokes greeting him from without.

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