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Mistery Mistery

Why I Feel I Want To DIE

It all started when I first saw her.After awile I asked her out she said yes I was so happy.What drove me to ask her was her smile her laugh her beautiful brown eyes and her voice.We dated for two weeks then one day at school i bought her a dog then she said'I have to call you'.I said'why not text me'.She said'I going to break up with you.'I was devastated I through the dog on the roof.I cried for days I still cry and I have to she her every day.I get my anger out by pretending the soccer ball is who she is dating and I kick it as hard as I can.I do the same thing with the baseball it has a crack in it I hit it as hard as i can.When were playing dodge ball I do the same thing.But still I am depressed and hopeless
p.s. i know its not a poem its what drove me to write poems

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